A little Piece of Spring

I've been trying to get started on a blog for my Interior Design business for years. I just finished telling my neighbor and friend that today was the day. I would write that first blog post!

I walked into my favorite local coffee shop, Zoot,  freezing and feeling a little overwhelmed with my task and the winter weather. I love the snow but right around February my home starts to seem a little bleak and for me, when my home isn't inspiring I find I'm less inspired.

 It made my heart swell to see a beautiful pop up shop for Valentines flowers ONE&SUPP run by Maine native Molly O’Rourke. The bright orange poppies and green eucalyptus just screamed romance and spring! This was the inspiration I was waiting for.  I took a deep breath, grabbed my camera- it's now or never !

Molly's Poppies

Molly's Poppies

I have to admit being new to blogging I was pretty nervous to start asking Molly about her business while taking out my novice camera to ask her about her company. Fortunately she was incredibly nice and easy to talk. Plus whenever you speak to someone passionate about what they do, that passion is contagious.

So I had to know whats behind the name ONE&SUPP. This was what her Grandmother would say to her Grandfather every night at Suppertime meaning one more cocktail and Supper. I just love it. It reminds me of my New England grandparents who refer to dinner as Supper (or "Suppa").

Thanks Molly for a little piece of spring on cold February day.

                                                                                   Photo from  ONEANDSUPP.US

                                                                                   Photo from ONEANDSUPP.US