Design Question: Bathroom Sconce

I've been getting a few inquiries with specific design questions from the readers of my blog so I thought it would be fun to do a series I'm calling it 10 Design Questions in 10 days. Each day I'll pick another reader's question to answer. Here's the first! 

Q. I can't stand the bathroom sconces I have but I'm not sure where to find ones that look cool/unique, and yet also provide good lighting. Please help. 

A. It's not possible for me to give you a specific recommendation without seeing your space, but here are some guidelines to help you  choose your bathroom lighting. 

Lets start with the how to layer your lighting properly.  In the bathroom you need a combination of overhead lighting, usually in the form of a recessed or flush mounted fixture, and task lighting, usually a sconce located above the vanity mirror or a pair of sconces on either side of the mirror.  Sconces on the the side of the mirror are always my first choice because they will light your face evenly and are less harsh than one above you (no shadows on your face). If you must have one above the mirror it should be centered on the mirror and the faucet. It should be installed around 6-8" above your mirror.  Side sconces should be located at 64" to the center of the fixture above the finished floor and equal distance on each side from the mirror but not outside the width of the vanity (and at least 28" apart). Unless you are installing them in the mirror.  Are you still with me?  

Next lets talk illumination/wattage. If you're lighting a full bath you should use fixtures that provide 60-100 watts of illumination (or a 20-25  watt LED). A powder room can handle a little less wattage. Remember these are just guidelines. rules can always be broken!  OK, enough of the details lets look at some one arm  fixtures! 

There are so many great choices out there not only online but through your local reasources as well. You can see more lighting inspiration on my Pinterest lighting board (Here).  I hope this helps! If you have question you'd like answered email me info@jessietobiasdesign