10 Design Questions in 10 Days: Grasscloth for Entry

This is day 2 of our 10 day series 10 Design Questions in 10 Days. You can read the first part here

Q. I'd like to add some wallpaper to our condo and was wondering what you thought. I would like to add the grass wallpaper in our entryway but I think that would make it feel really small and cramped so I'm thinking about wallpapering. Its medium sized entry with tall ceilings. We'd like to keep resale value in mind. 

A. I'm so glad you asked this question. Grasscloth was first popular in the 70's and has seen a huge resurgence in popularity.  Based on your photo and the fact that you'd like to keep resale value in mind I would recommend the grasscloth. It won't make the entry fell cramped but it will bring out the architecture in the entry and add a natural organic elegance.  There are so many styles and colors available but we'll focus on the natural and neutral ones. 

This view has so many good things going for it.The layering, textures and styling is fabulous. Designed by Krista Ny Schwartz from the blog Cloth & Kind (one of my favorites)

Design by Lauren Leiss for a showhouse.

Fresh and clean from Lonny's online magazine.

Doesn't this home look like its been lived in and loved forever? Also by Lauren Leiss

Here are some things to keep in mind when installing grasscloth- It's  a natural material (unless you go with a synthetic version) that can vary greatly in texture and color, usually made from sea grass, reed, arrowroot or jute.  You will see seams in the wallpaper after it is installed so make sure you're ok with that. It doesn't bother me.  It can be delicate the reads and grasses are most often tied together with cotton thread.  I love DIY, but this is usually an installation I would not DIY the grasscloth can be hard to install and is best left to a professional. I've also heard that people with severe grass  allergies may have a reaction to the wallpaper especially during installation because of the dust it can kick up. I'd assume that reaction dies down but if you have allergies do some research. 

When purchasing and measuring take note of the manufactures role size. They can vary in both length and width.

1. Schumacher Sisal  (oatmeal)     2.Thibaut Designs  (Colony Raffia )  3  Allen and Roth from   Lowes - Stripabl e. 4. Allen and Roth  (Brown Grasscloth )    5. Seabrook  (Eastern Exposures)   6.  Design Your walls (AJ168)  .    7. Philip Jefferies (Fine Arrowroot in maple)  8.  Philip Jefferies (Coppermine)   9. Philip Jefferies  (Fine Arrowroot in Khaki) 

1. Schumacher Sisal (oatmeal)    2.Thibaut Designs (Colony Raffia)  3 Allen and Roth from Lowes - Stripable. 4. Allen and Roth (Brown Grasscloth)    5. Seabrook (Eastern Exposures)  6. Design Your walls (AJ168).   7. Philip Jefferies (Fine Arrowroot in maple)  8. Philip Jefferies (Coppermine)  9. Philip Jefferies (Fine Arrowroot in Khaki) 

A here is a fun imagine to show all the colorways grasscloth can come.  Good luck with your project. If you have any design questions you'd like answered please email me at info@jessietobiasdesign.com