10 Design Questions in 10 Days: Paint Color

I got busy over the weekend and should change the title to 10 Design Questions in 12 days! 

Q. I need help with the paint color for my bedroom.  My bedroom is tiny, possibly 100 square feet.  As I am located on the first floor with only one window, that is covered by shade for privacy, It is not very bright. I am looking for two colors. One for the walls and another for my bureau.  I plan to distress it and wax it after. I would like to use a nice orange or melon color.
My house is now painted in grays and blues.  This bedroom will enter to a navy blue hallway.
Any advice for a nice light blue or pale color for the walls and a color for the bureau?


A.   "A light color will never come to life in a dark room but a rich, deep color can make a dim, somber space feel warm and luminous – even though it receives no natural light." Donald Kaufman (Designer and paint expert) 

Many people try to paint a dark room white or pale colors to try to lighten them up but without natural light there is nothing to reflect colors and they can look dingy and gray. A dark space looks best when painted a color with lots of saturation and warmth.  However, because your hallway is a already a dark color I would go with a lighter shade of blue, but make sure it is not a muted blue. Go for full saturation and warm it up with the fabulous orange you'd like to use for your bureau. Below are some great combinations of blue and orange just keep in mind your blue will be more bold on the swatch to accomplish this look. 



Here are a couple of options for you to try.


Benjamin Moore: Blue Hydreanga and Anne Sloan Chalk Paint:Barcelona Orange Farrow and Ball: Blue Gound and Benjamin Moore Tawny Daylily

Remember always try a sample of the paint before you paint the room! 

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