Coffee Tables For Dancing

I don't view my home as precious. I view it as a hub of my family's life. I try to teach my children to respect our things and clean up after themselves, but in truth I love when they get down and dirty with creative play.  I love it when our family room turns into an animal shelter with stuffed animals and den homes scattered about (I don't love the clean up but that's another post!). Our coffee table seems to be the center of a lot of this play. It's a workhouse that I've had since college (oh, boy if tables could talk).  

So we need a new coffee table, but we also need to be able to dance on it, play games on it, and put our feet on it. Here are a few coffee table that look great and you can dance on.  Plus they are all under $1000.00. 

Hubert Coffee Table ( Here ), Blake from Serena and Lily ( Here ), Tyne Round ( Here ), Eartha Table ( here ) 

Hubert Coffee Table (Here), Blake from Serena and Lily (Here), Tyne Round (Here), Eartha Table (here